Recap Blue Tech Demo Days

On 20 and 21 September 2017, over a 180 international contacts from the oil & gas sector, the offshore renewables, dredging companies, ports and governmental organisations visited the 'Blue Tech Demo Days' at the site of DECO in Bruges to witness live demonstrations by eight Flemish based companies.

The collaborating companies demonstrated their innovative products and services and their craftmanship making offshore operations worldwide more safe, fast and cost effective. DECO demonstrated abrasive waterjet and diamond cable cutting as well as various dredge tools, along with a diving demo. MG3 Belgium, dotOcean and nCentric joined forces to demonstrate 3 in parallel operating autonomous survey platforms together with communication systems for remote visualising of seabed maps of the Boudewijn canal in Bruges. Results of the surveys were streamed and analysed in real time at the event location. NEXANS' DIVISION EUROMOLD showed offshore junction solutions, wetmate and drymate connectors, 72,5 kV accessories for wind applications and demonstrated the preparation of a medium voltage cable, followed by installing a connector onto this cable and then mounting this onto a junction cabinet. Bexco showcased high tech ropes and slings, used not only in the oil and gas and shipping sector, but also in floating wind applications. Cathie Associates demonstrated their software solutions and dynamic pile driving tests, allowing real time quality control of installation operations, verification of the design and cost optimisation. MEET HET showed the possibilities of 3D scanning for accurate as-build measurements of critical offshore equipment and the possibilities of RTK mapping surveys by drones.

The successful event was supported by the network organisation of the Flemish maritime industry, Flanders’ Maritime Cluster. The event was aimed to highlight the offshore competences present in the Flemish region of Belgium, and the potential benefits for customers offered through effective collaboration and integration of techniques. This requires not only strong craftmanship, but also mutual trust and understanding. This is a real asset of our companies, operating from a small, often unknown, region in a highly competitive market.

“Our Technology on the Blue Tech Demo Days highlights the latest offshore solutions and brings together like-minded industry peers to discuss how we can work together to ensure offshore projects are as cost efficient as possible.”, says Marc Vereecken, Sales Manager Europe, nCentric.

Photos by Laure Martroye, Mieke Lowyck, Kurt Huygelier, Koen Geirnaert, Ann Overmeire.


Bexco Engineered synthetic rope solutions for offshore installation and decommissioning projects
Cathie Associates Offshore geoscience and geotechnical engineering consultancy, software solutions and dynamic pile driving monitoring
Deco Subsea services: cutting, dredging, cleaning, ROV works, diving
dotOcean Soil profilers, Unmanned Surface Vehicles and cloud based data processing
MG3 Belgium Marine geochemical, geophysical and geotechnical services for the offshore and coastal environment
nCentric Wireless communication for data & video feeds between multiple assets offshore or towards shore
Nexans div. Euromold Offshore medium voltage connectivity
MEET HET Innovative land-survey and 3D-scanning

The target group for this event were international contacts from the oil & gas sector, the offshore renewable energy sector, dredging companies, ports and governmental organisations involved in coastal management and waterway networks.

1 Seabed survey with an USV and streaming of live echosounder and camera data dotOcean, MG3 Belgium, nCentric
2 Cable routing assisted by soil layer profiling, positioning, modelling and live, raw data, streaming Cathie Associates, dotOcean, MG3 Belgium, nCentric
3 Showcasing of high tech synthetic ropes Bexco
4 Dynamic pile testing, pile design software OPILECloud Cathie Associates
5 Abrasive waterjet and diamond cable cutting, diving demonstration, process monitoring, dredge tool displays Deco
6 3D scanning MG3 Belgium, MEET HET
7 Medium voltage cable preparation, junction solutions and dry-mate connector, 72.5kV accessories Nexans div. Euromold
8 Innovative Wireless Solutions for the offshore industry nCentric
9 Unmanned Surface Platforms and seabed soil characterisation equipment dotOcean



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