5G launch in the North Sea by nCentric

Offshore wireless network operator nCentric in cooperation with sister company Citymesh realizes full blown 5G internet connectivity in the North Sea

Nowadays, in all construction and maintenance fazes of a wind farm offshore users can only rely on slow, limited bandwidth, or very high cost , i.e. VSAT,  connectivity.

The goal of nCentric is to give the offshore users a more reliable, high speed, high capacity internet link which covers the full Belgian North Sea even back to shore. This will be a unique and very powerful solution decreasing communication costs drastically.

The roll out will be done in several phases starting with the installation of 3 network stations offshore, followed by 4 systems onshore. This will enable the full 5G coverage in the entire Belgian North Sea .

Not only wind farm installation projects but also rescue, towing , dredging as well as survey operations or even crew well fair , will benefit from this new network and it ‘s capabilities.

Installation costs will be estimated at a few million euro and a first part will be operational from February 2018.

Customer Van Oord will use this technology in combination with the nCentric Nova nodes for it’s cable lay operations in the Norther wind farm . A total of 11 vessels will be equipped with this technology obtaining high speed Internet on board for a fraction of the standard VSAT cost.